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What is the Mexican Investor Forum?

For nine consecutive years, Mexican Investors Forum AMERI, has brought together over 80 public companies, and over 400 financial professionals including Domestic and Foreign Institutional Investors, business representatives at the highest level, Directors and responsible for the area of Relationship investors, analysts, brokerage firms.

Profile of Participants


This year we hope to have the presence of 85 major public companies in Mexico and executives at the highest level of individual sectors and a greater number of institutional investors both domestic and foreign, and over 20 brokerage firms.


Benefits of attending

Participants have opportunity to hear from executives of more than 30 key public enterprises and institutions in the economic life of Mexico, through the various presentations and sector panels, where disclosed operations, strategies and prospects for these. Simultaneously, investors, retail and business come together in more than 300 sessions One-on-One.